Mandatory meeting for DJs!

There will be a short mandatory meeting next Tuesday (May 3) at 12pm to discuss a few things about the station as we wrap up our first full semester of broadcasting and prepare for next year! There are some important items I need to cover and I would also like to get folks scheduled for their fall semester shows while we are all in the same place. So if you want to be on the radio next fall, please make sure to attend the meeting and bring a copy of your schedule so that you know your availability for DJing next semester – people in attendance will have first dibs on time slots (which may or may not extend beyond 12-6pm on weekdays…I’m still trying to decide about that). Finally, I’d really like to get a picture of everyone together to mark the occasion.

The meeting will be held in the SCC Game Room and food will be provided.

See you then!
– Zack