A New Year on the Air

Welcome back to another year of broadcasting with WMKP Radio! We are excited to be back on the air after a long summer break and there are a number of things we’ve got on our agenda for the fall and spring semesters.

First, we’re hoping to expand our broadcast hours in the near future and we’d love some input from PSUGA students. Specifically, we’d like to know a more about additional types of music and programming you’d like to hear on your campus station. Get in touch with us and make your voices heard!

Second, we are always in need of new DJs. If you’re interested in hosting your own show, whether by yourself or with a friend, please let us know! There are plenty of time slots available for new DJs and we are particularly interested in training students who will be enrolled at PSUGA for at least the duration of the 2017-2018 academic year (and ideally beyond that time).

Third, we are hoping to build a student staff that can help us transform WMKP into a bigger, better, more organized and more professional college radio station. In order to do this, we need the help of student volunteers who are eager to take on the following roles:

  • Marketing/Promotions – we need help in few main areas: 1) developing relationships with distributors to get new music for our station, 2) enhancing our presence on social media, and 3) increasing the visibility of our station on campus and in the surrounding communities.
  • News Anchors – we would love to get some folks on board who would be willing to host a weekly news program and, eventually, a daily 30-min news show.
  • Music Reviewers – we need one or two people who are willing to spend some time reviewing new music and helping us clean up & sort our existing music catalog (deleting content not suitable for airplay, fixing tags on digital files, etc).
  • Production Assistants – we need people willing to assist with 1) the production of news shows, 2) the development of both ideas and talent for new programming, including a new oral history project that will be based out of our campus studio.

In addition to earning valuable experience in radio, students who volunteer with the station can also earn credits for their work as DJs or staff members.

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in radio, now is the time! You can get in touch with us by clicking ‘Contact’ in the menu above, and your message will be received by the General Manager. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.